Current Issue

Volume 7, Number 3


Meaning-Making Through Narrative: Extending Narrative Analysis For Criminological Examination Of Documentary Film
- Charissa Crépault Weir

The Social Camouflage and Everyday Masks Of The Con-Style Serial Rapist: A Sociological Analysis Of Newspaper Accounts
- Clara Fesmire, Thomas Vander Ven and Lauren Wright

Ethnic Police Humor As Ethnic Boundary-Making In The Swedish Police Force
- Sara Uhnoo

Harlem Pimps' Accpounts Of Their Economic Pathways And Feelings Of Insiderness And Outsiderness
- Amber Horning, Christopher Thomas and Sara Jordenõ

Hearing On the Deaf Penalty: The Intersection Of Deafness And Criminal Justice
- Kabrianna Tamura and Elaine Gunnison

Book Review: Drift: Illicit Mobility And Uncertain Knowledge, By Jeff Ferrell
- Travis Milburn