Current Issue

Volume 7, Number 2


Introduction to the Special Issue on Terrorism
- Thomas J. Holt

Anger from Within: The Role of Emotions in Disengagement from Violent Extremism
- Pete Simi, Steven Windisch, Daniel Harris and Gina Ligon

A Mixed Method Examination of Law Enforcement Investigatory Strategies Used in Jihadi and Far-Right Foiled Terrorist Plots Before and After 9/11
- Brent R. Klein, Jeff Gruenewald, Steven M. Chermak and Joshua D. Freilich

Definitions Favorable to Terrorism? SSSL AND Radicalization: A Case Study Approach
- Jennifer Varriale Carson and Patrick Andres James

The Emergence of Violent Narratives in the Life-Course Trajectories of Online Forum Participants
- Philippa Levey and Martin Bouchard