Current Issue

Volume 8, Number 4


"I'm Stamped a Liar on my Heart": Challenges of Qualitative Research on Arab and Arab-American drug User Populations
- Amny M. Shuraydi

Angry Women and empathic Men: How Individuals 'Do Gender' in a Criminal Justice Context Through Conformity or Resistance to Genedered Feeling Rules
- Shannon Dodd

Public Discussion about Critical Issues in Criminal Justice Reform
- Kevin H. Wozniak

"Criminals, We're Coming": Costumed Crime-Fighter Legal Consciousness and Punishment Philosophies in Movement-Produced New Media
- Micahel Aiello

Community-Based Participatory Research: How Residents of a Small Low-Income Racially Homogenous Disadvantaged Neighborhood Perceive the Effects of Poverty Stigma, Community Disorder, and Feelings of Unsafety on Their Health
- Stan Korotchenko and Kim M. Anderson

Book Reviews